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Encountering What the Internet is Really About


How modern technology is undermining the soul, ways to remedy it,

and the dawn of alternative technology.

-  an article by Josef Graf 
of Insight21
Finally, we have an overview of what the Internet is about, and some potent insight into what forces underlie our electronic technology, forces that are undermining the quality of our lives and social relationships. But for those of us who raise our consciousness around these hidden forces, there are ways we can protect ourselves. As well, there is hope to be found in the advent of a new technology that is not dependent on electric current.

The Hidden Agenda Behind the World Wide Web

Through the depth of insights of Paul Emberson (and Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science, anthroposophy), we are taken on an encompassing ride from the 7th Century A.D. up to now, and on into a future in which the current technological morass can be replaced with an alternative, life-engendering, “moral” technology.

Most of us who use the World WIde Web, and current technology in general, will not be happy to know what is actually taking place on the spiritual, social, and creative soul levels of our technological world.

Consider these salient facts:

All machines are imbued with “beings”  - machines are not inanimate objects.

Machines are not morally neutral, no matter how much we may expect them to be.

Our current computer technology is of a decidedly immoral nature, whatever the use we put to it. This factor is due to its intrinsic make-up  - a binary form whose genesis derives from an insidious source.

Some good news: a new moral technology awaits. But we need, as soon as possible, to both raise awareness of our present predicament, and replace the current system with the new technology.

A Long Story Line

Emberson paints the wide picture:

In the 7th Century A.D., in Gondhishapur, Persia, a relatively advanced academy developed to engage scientific and academic worldview elements of a particular bent. This enterprise was part of the long-range plan by dark forces, to usurp human intelligence and spirituality, in a bid to pervert mankind’s evolutionary path into an avenue of self-serving degeneracy.

One of the key players in Gondhishapur, Haroun Al Rashid, reincarnated as Lord Bacon, several Centuries later  - became the originator of binary code.

Meanwhile, back in 869 A.D., the Catholic Church removed several books from the bible (which became the current Apocrypha), that held references to reincarnation, and anything that hinted at humanity having a spirit level to its being  - that is, it reduced the perception of a human to a two-fold level, body and soul, versus our true threefold nature, body, soul, and spirit. We can look at this as reduction of humanity to a binary form, not only as a religious agenda to exert control over its flocks (you only have one life, better avoid hell, etc.), but also as preparation to meld with the eventual rise of binary computer systems.

Since that time, as mankind engaged in its long slow descent into materialism, we increasingly lost capacity to track what was taking place on the subtle spiritual layers of being.

The 1830s saw the rise of binary punched-card weaving machines, the fore-runners of digital technology. And during the 1880s, computers began to appear, brought into being by a company that later became IBM.

Emberson’s summation of events to this point in time: “ Would human existence ultimately be governed by binary logic of super-intelligent machines? Would the contrary happen, and individuals develop their inner faculties of cognition to the point of becoming masters of their own life? Or was it possible that a point in human evolution was approaching, when mankind would divide into two streams, one of which would embrace binary technology and unite itself with the Internet, while the other stream would oppose the computerization of human life and follow a spiritual path?
    What had become of that most vigorous defender of human thinking and the immortal soul, the individuality we know as Aristotle, after he had lived again in the person of Thomas Aquinas and returned again to the supersensible world?”

Emberson is here referring to the individual who would then reincarnate as Rudolf Steiner, the 20th Century renaissance man and spiritual seer par excellence  - one of the few reliable guiding lights of modern civilization.

Of note, currently, evolution has come to an end. Involution is now our active arena of development. This is of prime consideration  - that in order to progress we must now engage our inner being, outer human evolution has reached an impasse. And, what is it that keeps us focussed on the external world, to the point that we neglect our inner life? One need only look around to observe the obvious  - modern technology has our full attention.

Consider this clairvoyant insight from Steiner: “ Shortly after the year 2200 AD, human thinking will be suppressed worldwide, on a very great scale. . . .spiritual science [anthroposophy] is going to have to act. . .”  Although the year 2200 is given here, the process has already begun, and will only deepen its effect until by 2200 we are virtually underwater.

We are  now living at a time in which our consciousness is increasingly being taken over by cold impersonal forces. However, to the extent we can waken and empower our deeper consciousness, these forces cannot take hold. And, to the extent we clarify what’s happening now, they lose their power over us. We are at a decisive juncture now  - much is at stake.

During the start of the 20th Century, the anthroposophical movement recognized opposing forces disrupting and limiting the potential benefits for human development, in terms of spiritual perception and progress, especially in view of these events:
    - Steiner’s (relatively) early death by poisoning.
    - Divisiveness between leading members of the subsequent leadership of the Anthroposophical Society.
    - World War Two (and subsequent conflicts on a global scale).
    - Economic pressures on humanity, to keep our attention externalized.
     - Insidious technological energies that render anxiety on the soul level, while undermining discernment and creativity.
    - Addictions. Currently, 92% of humanity is addicted to something, if we include non-moderate consumption of a raft of elements  - substances, TV, computer use, along with the more “traditional” forms of addiction.

When Steiner warned that “civilization is sliding into the abyss”, he was looking into a future which has now arrived, wherein, in addition to human and environmental abuse, corporate greed and wayward politics have degenerated into an immoral morass. Morality and social conscience are becoming scarcer commodities.

Mankind stands in a greater need than ever of spiritual science  - yet mankind is largely unmotivated to take it up  - lulled by the very forces they most need to resist. (eg, most would rather stay home glued to a TV, than come out to an anthroposophical study group meeting.)

The World Wide Web Consortium, at M.I.T. was supposedly set up to regulate and monitor the Web. But, as Emberson reveals, this group was “not in control of the evolution of the Web. No human being was. Their vision. . .did not reckon with the extent to which other forces would come into play  - forces guided by the Sorat* (dark forces at the helm since the 7th Century). For the Sorat intended the Web to be much more than just the illusion of an information system, in which human thought would be ensnared. Its intention was also to bind man’s feeling life and also will to the Internet. From being essentially an information system, the Web now underwent a profound mutation, turning into a medium for doing business, shopping, gossiping, finding entertainment, conducting warfare, and, above all, committing crime (over half the Internet activity at present). . .
    Now, spiritual  research had long since established that the very forces by which the Internet functions  - electricity and magnetism  - are not neutral but are in themselves immoral. This is the [basic] reason for the tendency of the World Wide Web to bring out the worst in human nature.
    The Internet with the World Wide Web is not the infinite pool of knowledge that people imagine it is. Its promoters often give absurd estimates of the quantity of useful information to which it gives access. The bulk of that information is merely the manifold duplication of data common to the majority of data banks. . . .”

A final quote from Emberson:
“When Rudolf Steiner spoke of the new forms of technology we should be developing today for the future, he described technologies that do not employ electricity. They use etheric forces. They are the truly green technologies. Steiner was not describing  dreamy visions of a world beyond our reach. He was talking about the normal evolution of technology in the twentieth century and thereafter. Our all electric world is not normal. It is an aberration.

Read further here, for elements of remediation for the soul. And for further analysis and also to delve into the new technology, keep in touch with these sources:

Anthro-tech News (not accessible online, only through postal mail, or fax.)
Paul Emberson is the editor.
Route de la Dent de Lys 13. CH-1669 Les Scienrnes-d’Albeuve, Switzerland. Fax: +41 26 / 928 22 24.

The key book:
From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley, Volume I. by Paul; Emberson

Also found here:

and other books by Paul Emberson, on futuristic moral technology, as well as volume 2 of the above book, due to be out in 2014.

Further Considerations, and Protective Measures

Electricity  -  is condensed light, fallen light  - a dark force (resonant with Luciferic forces, for those familiar with anthroposophy)

Magnetism  - consists of fallen sound, another dark force (and resonant with Ahriman, for those familiar with anthroposophy).

Email issues at this time reveal a decline in literary standards, as well as the replacement of direct human contact, and all that such loss implies.

Solar power is not a good option to invest our hopes in (another form of fallen light).

Recorded music is “art thrust down into a machine” - “a deceit of imitation”.

At very least, we need to protect ourselves when exposing ourselves to electricity based  forces (see next section).

The modern computer is well beyond human comprehension  - no one can give a full explanation/description of its workings.

Computers are more fallible than we think.

Civilization has virtually come to a halt, in terms of new discoveries, inventions, and major creative works. (largely due to computer effect, which has deadened the creative aspect of our souls).

Emberson on Silicon Valley

What kind of dark forces are at work in Silicon Valley? The spiritual geography of the locale, much like most of the West Coast, makes for a tendency for electromagnetic forces to radiate up through the Earth, bathing inhabitants in energies that dull down the connection to the Higher Self.
    Note how we are even aware of some of this element, when we refer to the West Coast as “Lotusland”  - a realm that requires concerted and consistent focus to overcome the mesmerizing forces that prevail on the West Coast.
    Further evidence of this dynamic is revealed in the tendency for so many inhabitants of the locale to embrace past life “comfort zone” lifestyles, as in re-living the era of ancient India, or the East in general. Contrast this tendency with the modern spiritual imperative to fulfill a dynamic new life path that answers to the question - “What did I incarnate at the present time to fulfill this time around? What new and western spiritual path did I come down to fulfill?

The next major step in the plan by the dark forces consists of linking our brains to the Internet. This dynamic is already in the planning stages. Beware.

Protective Measures

become aware of what is really going on. Read Emberson’s  book (s), and/or his Anthro-tech News sheet, as well as insightful material by other authors.

become increasingly aware of up and coming moral technology, which can replace our current soul-undermining technology, with healthy, functional, and beneficial results(see Anthro-tech News, etc).

Reduce usage of electric technology  - there are many ways to do this.

Practice etheric energy enhancement to counteract etheric degradation  - such as eurythmy, tai chi, and q-gong.

Engage in wholesome soul activities to counteract the paralyzing effect on the soul  - art, watercolour painting, art therapy, live music, nature, and human interaction.

Chinese yam (specifically Dioscorea batatas or Dioscorea opposita), according to Rudolf Steiner, is the only plant that stores light ether  - a substance that directly counteracts electricity, since light ether exists on the opposite pole to electricity. (therefore an antidote for electricity, EMF, and ambient wifi energies so prevalent in our environment).

Turn off wifi generators when not in use.

practice true moderation of technology use  - including computers, TVs, movies, etc.

Ponder further ways to resolve this issue, and share it all with friends.

In the end, most of us need to use the present technologies  - for a while at least. But while doing so, even while limiting the amount of usage, we also need to protect ourselves, and key to this are connecting in with newly awakening powers within us. These powers can be invoked and wakened by a rigorous spiritual discipline, and by various tactics, among them attuning to the Christ energies, and also by process of what I call holistic counselling. Sessions can help attune to what is needed, and can help initiate one’s own practice at wakening a useful array of inner resources.

Above all, the Ahrimanic forces that so strongly prevail, coupled with the scaled down version of the “War of All Against All” that is currently in play (the full version said to be due yet far in the future), in which we face strife within relationships and community, essentially an intense undermining of social and personal equilibrium  - all this overwhelming challenge - can be met effectively by alliance with the etheric Christ (this is the anthroposophic conception of the return of Christ  - not in the physical, but in etheric form) who has been present for us since the latter part of the 20th Century, and continues to be accessible, but never in a way that stands against personal human freedom.

For the sake of humanity, the earth, and a viable form of civilization, consciously and in freedom, taking up the Christ forces, we can prevail.

*Added note: Although the view of this article may seem like a dualistic perception, it is actually not so. For those familiar with anthroposophy, there are two opposing forces (Ahriman and Lucifer, of which the Sorat is part of the Ahrimanic force). Between these two ends of a continuum lies the ideal human path (or Christ path). Thus, it is actually a triad element, not a dualism. Further, the “dark” forces serve a purpose in the overall scheme of things. In basic terms, we rise to the challenge they present, and continue to grow. It is important, during this phase of the development of the “consciousness soul” element, to raise awareness of the activity of the dark forces   - on either end of the continuum  - thus disempowering their negative effect on us.

Josef Graf has a Masters in Human Services (clinical counseling specialty), and is grounded in holistic, client-centered counseling through Lifespace Institute in Toronto. His work is centered on the principle that we have at hand an effective array of inner resources in the multi-dimension of the soul. For further information, visit