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Enhancing Etheric Energy 

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The etheric body is the foundational base of the physical body.  One of the reasons that homeopathic remedies are so effective is because they resonate with the etheric body, amending a condition where it will have the most long-term effect.  A remedy that ameliorates on the etheric level then proceeds automatically into the physical.

         A homeopath, or naturopath, who knows classical homeopathy can do a constitutional assessment that will work proactively with your health.  Why wait for that looming ailment, or imbalance, to make its way into your physical body?  Through a remedy on the constitutional level you can treat conditions before they manifest and, in a way, fine-tune your system.


Another way of enhancing the etheric base, a method highly recommended because of its self-empowerment, is by practicing one of the disciplines that address the level of energetics. 

Curative Eurhythmy (the science and art of movement to speech and music, initiated by Steiner and Marie von Sievers) is an effective practice, and optimal since it is a discipline suited for our modern era  - if you can find it in your area.  Qi-gong or Tai Chi also address etheric energy issues.  They use the term chi in China.  In yoga, itís called prana.  In Japan, they refer to it as ki.  Itís all etheric energy by different names.

         Of note, try to find a practice that puts emphasis on the mindís process, as opposed to the breath.  Rudolf Steiner ascertained that ďpranaĒ which, in times past, lived in our breathing, now resides in our thinking. (see the Insight21 article, Traditional Versus Modern Spiritual Paths, for further information).  Not every teacher is aware of this dynamic.  In fact, a preliminary survey shows that few teachers, as yet, have much awareness around this issue.

          Whichever practice you choose, you will have to exercise discipline.  Qi-gong, for example, requires continuous practice of 100 consecutive days before its benefit becomes substantial.  These systems are helpful, but are cumulative.  The longer you practice, the greater the benefit.  It is not necessary to practice for hours per day.  That will likely only serve to put you off it, anyway.  Twenty to thirty minutes per day  - if practiced with focus  - will accomplish a lot, over time.


It is not necessary to move when practicing something like Qi-gong.  There are many exercises, and many different teachers that teach methods that generally involve movement.  And this is fine  - movement while working with etheric energy actually involve the astral body, so it helps harmonize the etheric and astral bodies.  But the bottom line is you can practice Qi-gong while sitting, or even lying down.

          There are numerous anecdotal accounts of results from these practices, ranging from mild to miraculous.  A person in an auto accident was told he would not walk again. Lying there for six months, he practiced Qi-gong.  He recovered, and walked.  Illnesses have been reversed.  Poor eyesight has been restored.  The stories portray etheric energy enhancement as a portal to strengthening the immune system and accessing sleeping forces.






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The foregoing article was written by Josef Graf, coordinator of the Earth Vision project and Insight21  - presenting nature in the light of spiritual ecology, and answers for the 21st Century.




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