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Rudolf Steiner, Renaissance Man of the 21st Century




In terms of productive offering to the world, spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner, is the best-kept secret of the 20th Century. Although he passed on in 1925, what he gave to the world is even now just gaining momentum.  The answers and resolutions to the issues of humanity that he brought comprise futuristic material - they actually apply more to the 21st Century, and beyond.





Some of the resolutions Steiner generated:

           (links are becoming active as content is added)



                Waldorf Education - a social masterpiece


                Biodynamic Farming/Gardening


                Insights into Diet and Health


                Anthroposophical Medicine


                Esoteric Christianity


                Three-Fold Social Order - transcending capitalism and socialism


                An Overview of Spiritual Evolution of Humanity


               Anthroposophy  - knowledge of the nature of humanity





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